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Pricing and Party Options

Important Information Costumes Party and Event Choices Birthday Party Package Prices

We offer several types of services for your party or event including a special package just for birthdays! We have years of experience with events of all types and sizes, from birthday parties to large corporate events, school and church functions, weddings, mitzvahs and more.

Important Information

In order to make your event enjoyable for everyone, we only need a few things from you:

1) For face painting we need a sturdy table to set up our paints, water and brushes.  A card table is a perfect size, it just needs to be sturdy.  If you need us to bring the table, let us know.

2) Two chairs per artist (1 for the artist and 1 for the person being painted or getting a balloon made).

3) If the party is outdoors, we need an area out of the sun and wind.  Face paints are extremely difficult to apply in direct sunlight (and high humidity).  Balloon art is difficult to create in any kind of wind.

4) When planning a birthday party that includes face painting, please take into account that each artist can normally do a maximum of 12 people per hour (5 minutes per person).


Depending on the theme of your party or event, we have several costume choices for the artist(s) to dress as.  Popular themes are Princess, Fairy, Pirate and Clown/Carnival.  We can also come in professional plain clothes or in  fun shirts and/or vests.

When we come in costume, we do our best to match our costume to your theme.  Below are some of the costumes we currently use:
Princess:  Fairytale (including several well-known ones), Elven, Renaissance (Lord of the Rings style) or Hawaiian.
Holiday Characters:  Santa and Mrs. Claus, the Sugarplum Fairy, Santa's Elf, the Easter Bunny, and Queen Esther.
Other Outfits:  Fairy, Clown (light makeup and with or without wig), Pirate, Pirate Couple, Pirate and Princess, King and Queen of Hearts (or just the Queen) and a few others.

Party and Event Choices

#1 - Professional Face Painting:  Unlike some other artists, we do full face-paintings as a normal part of our service.  Guests can be transformed into almost anything they want to be: Princesses, Fairies, Tigers, Cheetahs, Pirates, Butterflies, Dragons, Superheroes and much, much more.  We use FDA approved theatrical quality paints, cosmetic glitters and jewels that wash off easily with soap and water.  Don’t want a full-face painting?  No problem!  We can also do smaller designs such as on the hand, arm or leg.  This is especially good for very small children who have never had a face-painting done before and might be a bit hesitant to get one, even though everyone else is.  We can also do "hair streaks" because the paints are safe on any kind of hair, including perms and color treated.

#2 - Balloon Art:  We offer a wide variety of balloon art including (but not limited to) Penguins, Monkeys in Palm Trees, Mermaids, Hats, Princess Wands, Swords, various types of Princesses, Dragons, Love Birds in a Heart, Flowers, Cats, Dogs, Tigers and many more!  And, if you have very young children, we can do Turtles and Ladybugs that you can strap on their wrist so they don’t lose them!  See our Balloon Art page for more samples of things we have done.

#3 - Glitter Tattoos:  These are great for pool parties and are very popular with all ages from children to adults.  We have over 30 designs to choose from and they stay on for 2 - 4 days.  They can withstand swimming and bathing, but can be removed sooner with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or a washcloth with warm, soapy water.

#4 - Airbrush Tattoos:  We have over 100 designs to choose from.  Airbrush tattoos can stay on for 2 – 7 days depending on the type of ink used and your skin.  They can be removed easily using rubbing alcohol or baby oil.
(Note: Airbrushing must be booked for a minimum of 2 hours.  See the Prices section for more info)

#5 - Professional Photography, Video and Event Photos:  We can provide all of your photography and video needs, including professional 4 x 6 photos printed out at your event.  We can even put them in a frame or on a wearable 3 ½” button.  We do weddings, Memory Videos, holiday parties, special occasions such graduations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and more!

#6 - Henna Tattoos:  We only use the all-natural henna paste that is safe for all skin types.  Typically, a Henna tattoo can last from 1 – 3 weeks depending on how long the paste is left on - and where the tattoo is located.  After the paste is applied, we can glitter it so that it looks pretty and it reminds them to let the paste dry.  The reason for this is that even after the paste is dry, the longer it is left on, the darker and longer lasting the tattoo will be.  In this way, the client can have some control the darkness and length of the tattoo.

Birthday Party Package

(Note: The "Per Hour" rates are the same as those listed under Prices section below, however, we include a few extra items in that price)

The Birthday Party Package includes any 2 choices from items #1, #2 and #3 in the Party and Event Choices section above.

We can also bring a dress-up trunk (call for details and pricing)

You will always get a highly talented artist at your party and, when possible, we supply 2 artists for the price of one!


Rates are per artist except as noted in our Birthday Package above.

1 hour:  $125
1 ½ hours:  $165
2 or more hours:  $95 per hour.

Deposit: A $50 deposit is required to hold the date and time for you. The balance is due the day of the event.

Travel Fee: There is a one time travel fee of $25 for events outside of St. Charles County, MO.

Photography: Rates vary depending on the type of function and personnel required.  Please contact us for more information.

Airbrush: This requires a minimum booking of 2 hours due to its complexity.  An extra helper is $50 per hour.  What does a helper do, you may ask?  They assist the airbrush artist by doing all those little side tasks for them including the cleaning and organization of the airbrush templates for reuse, thus allowing the airbrush artist to do more tattoos per hour!

Discounts are available for Church, School and Charity events!

Other options are available.  For further information, or if you have questions, please call or e-mail us.

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